Increase Monitoring Of Your Assets

Focus Tracking System GPS enhances the efficiency of its client's nationwide fleet operation as it offers faster, more detailed control and visibility of the fleet.


Whenever there is a requirement of location identification in case of an emergency, we are just a call away.

Increase Safety

As our system provides 24 * 7 live tracking with the help of our own GPS tracking platform. Your vehicles and assets can be quickly located if it is stolen.

Our Products

Car GPS Tracking System
Four Wheeler Tracker

Focus Tracking System track the location of a commercial vehicle, personal car or any moving vehicle using the GPS system. Especially installed to ...

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Two Wheeler Tracker

TRACKER offer motorbike tracking alternatives to suit a scope of bicycles to enhance motorcycle security, protection premiums and makes you not to be worried..

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Personal Tracker

Focus Tracking System working based on existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites, this tracker is a small and powerful tracking device that is developed ...

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About Us

Focus Tracking System is a leading GPS tracking system provider for all kind of vehicles & personal. Focus Tracking System head office is located at Coimbatore and it also has branch office at all over Tamilnadu, our lead branch offices are also in Namakkal, Karur, Salem, and Trichy. We do export GPS tracking system worldwide. We are one stop shop for both web tracking applications and its hardware. Our advanced service gives an edge in world transport & commuter management systems.

Our GPS based vehicle tracking systems are used to track the vehicle area with our electronic application. GPS trackers are the best answers for solutions for fleet operators to operate their vehicle functions. GPS bicycle trackers are utilized to keep from burglary exercises. You can simply keep your vehicles on your fingertips with our GPS four wheeler trackers and GPS bike trackers.

GPS Android App Trackers

We have the right solution for monitoring, securing and protecting your loved-ones, children's, family members & employees. Our android app trackers having the recording features of incoming & outgoing calls, call history, SMS Messages, Periodic Locations , Immediate Location, Surroundings, social media app monitoring, etc

The GPS Tracker App uses the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to get the precise location of people within your network. Satellites send triangulated positions to the GPS Tracker App providing the most accurate location. This process continually updates to provide very accurate, real-time GPS tracking.

The GPS tracker has the latest and best real-time GPS tracking technology. It enables you to track the exact location of everyone in your private circle. With real-time GPS tracking you can tell where everyone is and know if they have safely made it to their destination.

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Expand Your Business Operation

Increase in the fleet size increases the concern about managing the whole fleet as well. Focus Tracking System GPS helps to better manage and control your fleet operation and helps in your business expansion by easing out worries of managing a large scale fleet from your mind.

Increase Productivity

At the point when your workers know they are being checked, they actually turn out to be more beneficial and capable. There is less driver downtime, diminished utilization of your vehicles for individual utilize, unauthorized stops, and side employments. Managers can determine whether drivers touch base on time, how quick they are going, how they are driving and night-time utilize.

Positively Impact Operational Cost Structure

Vehicle's cost operations like fuel, work, fleet monitoring, route diversion and expenses happened because of late in client's conveyance and other field exercises diminish by simple observing of fleet operation.